Courses and Safety Classes

Training offered at this time:

For all classes, dress very casually.  Bring a notepad and pen.  You may get a little dirty.  If you bring any firearm to class, it MUST be unloaded and in a locked container.

1.)   Classroom intro to handguns.  This approximately 2-hour class explains how different handguns work and give you a hands on with real handguns and “props” to learn safety and operation.  Then we cover basic shooting principles, common ammunition used today and how to safely store firearms at home.

2.)   Classroom intro to rifles and shotgun: This approximately 2 hour class explains how most common rifles and shotgun work.  Safety, how to shoot and common ammunition.

3.)   Handgun cleaning class.  This approximate 2 hour class covers who to “field strip” your handgun and safely clean it so it will last a long time.  The class price includes a basic cleaning kit.  We will show you a few methods to do a fast clean and a more detailed clean. Sign Up for the April Classes Here

4.)   Rifle/ shotgun cleaning class: this approximately 2 hour class covers how to “field strip” most common rifles and shotgun and how to safely clean them.  The class price includes a basic rifle or shotgun cleaning kit.

5.)   1911 user class.  This class covers how to clean and operate a 1911 pistol.  This class is specific for 1911 pistols of all manufacturers.  We’ll cover cleaning, what parts to replace yourself and how to best maintain it for use.

6.)   AR rifle/ carbine cleaning class.  This approximately 3 hour class covers who to “field strip” and AR type rifle/ carbine and clean it to last a long time.  Also common parts you can replace yourself.

And if you do not feel like getting dirty, you can always drop off your firearms for cleaning and a maintenance inspection.


For more info or to sign up for a course, use our Contact Form and put Courses in the subject line