In addition to retail sales, fun classes, amazing staff interactions, we also offer gunsmithing services. We can fix them, and build them!

Do you wish to Build your own AR Platform or AK platform Rifle? Does your gun keep jamming? Is there an odd rattle? Did you inherit an old gun that you want to check the function and safety on?

We can help you troubleshoot and service most gun repairs. Whether it's a basic problem or extensive work, our gunsmiths have the knowledge and experience. We assist in Warranty work as well.

Always bring your firearm in UNLOADED. And please understand that gunsmithing is very time intensive and we do have a waiting list.


Important Note from the Gunsmith/ Armorer

(When dropping off a firearm for repairs: (make sure you leave a good phone number with your voice mail set up.)

  • Make sure it is unloaded.  DO include at least one unloaded magazine for function/ safety checks. We do a function / safety check on all firearms before they leave the shop.
  • If you drop off a very dirty firearm for repairs, we may have to clean it before working on it. So please factor this into the shop time. 
  • If your firearm comes with a special tool for taking it apart, please include that tool.
  • If you are dropping off a firearm with a problem, please do the following:
    • Make sure you have read the owner’s manual.
    • Include a note with the problems you are having or what you want done.  Be as clear as possible. 
  • We cannot remove or disconnect any factory safety devices or make the trigger so light that it could be a safety concern. 
  • If you firearm has been modified and has aftermarket parts that are not working, please bring in the original parts.  We may have to put the original parts back in to make the firearm work.
  • Speaking of parts, the biggest delay  in gun repairs is finding parts for some guns.  We try to keep the most common parts in stock. 
  • If you are having problems with a semi auto firearm, try using different ammo and magazines and make sure the firearm is clean and lubed correctly. 
  • Do not ask the gunsmith/ armorer how to fix your firearm.  We cannot give advice like that. 
  • We cannot fix every firearm due to some special equipment/ tools that may be required.  We do not do full firearms restorations, or redo wood stocks.  We do not have a milling machine or lathe and are not doing any kind of welding currently. 
  • If the gunsmith/ armorer cannot work on your firearm for some reason, you will be called and told why.  We understand that there are not many gunsmiths in the area, but we will not take on jobs we are not equipped for. 
  • Some parts must be hand fitted despite what the sales packaging says.  Proper hand fitting of guns parts takes skill and time, so please understand that. 
  • Scopes: if you have installed a scope on your rifle, please do not bring it to us to boresight.  Too often the scopes are installed incorrectly, and the scope is damaged.  We cannot boresight a damaged scope.  (Most common problems are over torqued the scope or bent the tube)
  • Test firing your gun.  If you want your gun test fired, expect to pay for at least 30 minutes or more of shop time. Please include ammo, or we will also charge for test ammo. 
  • Be patient. It may be a few weeks before we get repair your firearm.  We do put a priority on firearms used for Law Enforcement, CCW carry.